Thursday, October 7, 2010

Notes from a couple of weeks ago:

Re: Week 2(?) Readings

Suppose I could look it up and make sure they were week 2 but I'm lazy so lets just go with that. AND it is almost time to leave for lecture and seminars and I have yet to finish the reading (3 down, 1 to go). My bad.

Anyway, from small group activity, 11 a.m. seminar:

Feminism is the movement of change, to redefine perspectives in the lives of all people. A global goal to have a world of equality.

Key ideas
  • St. Denis did not feel that feminism did not relate to other cultures because it came from colonization-privileged white women
  • feminism did not include other cultures - colonization did seep into their cultures
  • everyone, regardless of gender, class, race, socioeconomic status - look beyond gender

  • an interdisciplinary concept that is everchanging
  • global worldwide movement that is for everybody
  • not about becoming greater than men, it is about becoming equal
  • respect for the entire women population, not just the individual
  • always changing
  • definitions are always different; makes it difficult for people who are not educated (WMST/feminism) to understand what feminism is.
  • because of misconceptions people are afraid to identify with feminism or as a feminist
  • not one specific movement; made up of many
  • is for everyone
  • some controversy in regards to feminism and culture
  • Aboriginal women scared of letting go of traditions and becoming "Westernized"
  • happy with tradition
Key ideas from readings:
  • need work as a society (not only women)
  • human equalities between every race, gender, class
  • about freedom and choice
  • atmosphere and upbringing really effect standpoint & feminist education
  • we need to stop and think, where do we go from here?
  • how can we make change for next generation?

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