Friday, November 26, 2010

Residential Schools - what can WE do?

So ... I thought it might be useful to write something up about some of the ideas that came out of our seminar discussions this week, about what WE can do with/about what we have learned about residential schools in Canada. I think that we came up with some good ideas:

We can ask questions. This suggestion was/is especially applicable to those of us with children in schools - but someday that might well be more of us than there are now, right? (Except K.S. of course!) We can pay attention to what our kids are learning about Aboriginal peoples, and especially about residential schools - both in school, and from us at home.

We can avoid contributing to stereotypes about Aboriginal peoples in Canada. By being careful about our own language, and confronting and correcting other peoples' misperceptions and/or use of stereotypes, we can help to model and to educate.

We can challenge and question unfair depictions of Aboriginal people in the media. It is very easy to write letters to the editor now that most media outlets provide online forms/email. If/when you see something you object to, why not consider firing off a response?

If I missed anything, let me know - I'm too lazy (and too cold!!) to run out to the van to get my notes right now so am working from memory.

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