Thursday, February 10, 2011

Uncontacted Peoples

Survival International has posted actual footage of one of about 100 tribes of uncontacted peoples on their site. There is also a petition there to sign, asking Peru's government to protect what little tracts of land these people have left.

Also lots of other videos, articles, FAQs and more information - I found it all fascinating.... although some of the online chatter about these people is truly disturbing. There are some who - like me - think we should leave them alone - if they, at some point, wish contact, they can initiate it and otherwise, in my opinion, we should just not go there (but, of course, leaving them alone includes not allowing their lands to be clearcut/taken over).

There are also, however, ~well meaning~ folks who think that we should at least do things like "send in a doctor to check and make sure they are healthy" (of course, the FAQ makes clear that these people are highly vulnerable to our diseases and that in the past, 50% or more of some groups have been wiped out by such ~well-meaning~ visitors.

And then there are, as always on the net, the out and out idjits who think nothing of imposing their will on these people - they don't pay taxes so have no rights to resources/protection, and so on ... blah blah blah ... oh...and the whole it's a hoax and they are actors bunch ... I had to stop following any of those sorts of conversations because they were making me crazy (surprise, surprise, right? LOL)

Anyway ... I do encourage you to stop by and check out the video, and consider signing the petition, and/or passing the links/info on to others.

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